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Here's some stuff I've built in my spare time, feel free to check it out.




Here is a collection of articles and other content that I have written while learning about various industry-related topics.

about gridlocdev

Here is a bit of information about me as a developer, if you care about that stuff.
My name is Aaron, and I've been a professional software engineer since 2019. I've taken on a few different types of roles, from Front-end to Back-end to DevOps automation.
My philosophy for development is to keep things simple and maintainable, for both fellow developers (which often includes myself months later after writing it) as well as the users I am building software for.
The projects I've built here have been a great experience to enhance my skills as a programmer and also to have something to look back on years down the line! If I build anything more in my spare time, I'll be sure to include it on my portfolio site here.


Here are the types of roles that I have taken on in the field.
Full-Stack Developer
DevOps Engineer

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